Unus pro omnibus,
omnes pro uno

The Colonels Club Foundation reflects original Swiss values that have made our country strong and sustainable and set it apart from other nations. Find out more

These include the pursuit of independence and freedom, the willingness to take on personal responsibility, service to the community (militia system) and standing up for one another in solidarity.

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno.

Social changes, endless opportunities to participate in leisure activities and high levels of prosperity should not distract us from volunteering in aid to the community. Promoting, supporting and recognising outstanding commitment to voluntary work is therefore one of the key goals of the foundation.

Culture and humanity are both a bedrock for social values and norms and a way of passing them on across generations. The foundation considers supporting special, non-commercial projects and services as a duty to society as whole.

Another important focus of the foundation lie on providing support and training for socially disvantaged people. In this case, the emphasis lie on good education and vocational training as well as on fostering independence.


Christian Jörgensen
Chairman of the Foundation Board


Lukas Apafi – lawyer
Member of the Foundation Board


Dr Markus Mäder
Member of the Foundation Board