Are Swiss values close to your heart?

Would you like to implement a project yourself based on this philosophy in the fields of culture or humanitarian aid? Find out more

We promote non-commercial cultural and artistic activities and voluntary, unsalaried involvement for humanitarian Projects both in Switzerland and abroad.

Present your project to the Foundation Board of the Colonels Club Foundation.

We would like to invite you to present your project to a small group or at one of our club events.

The Colonels Club Foundation only supports non-commercial projects with a charitable aim based on goodwill. A connection with Swiss values is important to us. The project presentation must demonstrate that the project has reached a high degree of maturity.

You will be presenting your project directly to the Foundation Board and will subsequently answer questions from the Board. We expect a precise description of the content and structure of the project, including a presentation of the production team and a financing concept.

Register by email for an appointment to present your pitch. You should provide a short description of the project and details of the financial framework and the persons submitting the proposal. You will subsequently be invited to present your project to the Foundation Board in person.

The Foundation Board of the Colonels Club Foundation, supported by external experts on a case-by-case basis, will make a decision within a couple of weeks.